As per rules. Members require permission from the Committee and Torbay Council before any Shed, Greenhouse or Polytunnels are erected.

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Please enter the details required on the form then hand it back to either The Secretary or Field Steward.

Rules Regarding Buildings

Sheds, Greenhouses & Polytunnels No structural alterations, extensions or new building works except for the erection of no more than 2 structures on any one allotment plot, each measuring no greater than 8ft X 6ft in size comprising either 1 shed and 1 greenhouse or 1 shed and 1 poly tunnel are permitted without the Councils prior written approval. Approval for the structure measuring no more than 8ft x 6ft can be obtained from your Steward. Approval for structure above 8ft X 6ft should be first obtained from the Committee before applying to Torbay Council. Where a Shed/Greenhouse exists on any given plot it is the Member's responsibility to ensure the ongoing maintenance or replacement. Sheds, Greenhouses and Polytunnels must be left on site when a Member vacates their plot unless purchased and erected during the tenancy of the member vacating the plot. The Member may remove the structure if they wish to do so. All Sheds/Greenhouses must be in ‘safe order’. Greenhouses must not be erected against any other structure.